Leesha tries… Sofar sounds

Hi Readers,

Happy 2018 (I think this is the last acceptable day to say that!)

On reflection of my past posts, it occurred to me that the tone has been decidedly sombre.

Seeing as this meant to be a lifestyle blog, exploring all parts of my life, I thought it was high time I made like the third series of Black Mirror and dropped in an unexpectedly positive post!

My Sunday nights normally consist of rotating my clothes through the washing machine, batch cooking breakfast and mentally preparing myself for the working week  😩 😩 😩.

However, this year I’ve decided to start pushing my boundaries and #LivingMyBestLife.

What better way to start than by purchasing tickets to a gig and giving myself 5 days to find a date…

I guess no one could say that I wasn’t optimistic!

After a few days of feverish swiping on Bumble, I realised there were probably better ways to find a significant other and settled for a slightly less significant plus one (I love you really Joey!) and we went to my first ever Sofar Sounds.

So what is Sofar sounds…?

As my host for the evening so eloquently described, Sofar sounds was started by two guys who were tired of going to gigs full of bickering drunks, so they started hosting gigs in their flat.

Eight years later, Sofar has ballooned into a worldwide phenomenon (and a great first date destination!)

I met my “date” at Farringdon station and walked a few minutes to the address that had been revealed to me the day before.

We weren’t in someone’s apartment, but we were in Hunter Collective a glorious co-working space for fashion and beauty freelancers. The exposed brick and styling chairs lent themselves perfectly to the edgy, laid back vibe I had been expecting from Sofar Sounds.

We arrived early with our pre-bought wine (the event is BYOB, which means I avoided overpriced London drinks ☑️) and managed to snag one of the few chairs that were set up – the space is open and you are advised to bring cushions, but my knees don’t do well on the floor!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the night but I was pleasantly surprised to be presented 3 incredibly different, yet equally impressive acts.

Tom Braggins is the epitome of a one man band! His soulful funk vibe had me tapping my toes and I was in awe of his loop pedal prowess.

I have a huge soft spot for Cherri V! The South London songstress managed to make a song about leaving the iron on sound cool so she’s good with me!

The show was closed by Sofar vets Kyoti. The self proclaimed synth pop trio performed a stripped back, acoustic set that ended the night on just the right note.

Sofar sounds was a great way for me to spice up my Sunday, and with 3 shows a day in London and shows in 350 cities, I’m sure I’ll be taking a real date there soon.

Happy Sunday all!

God Bless x

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