Step One: Untangling my passion

The thief of progress is the inability to convert. There is no feeling better than that of the euphoria and excitement that comes with an idea or an epiphany - all the pieces fall into place and you feel like you know who you are meant to be in the world. It's the next step … Continue reading Step One: Untangling my passion

Finding purpose in my passion

I'm a passionate person. I care deeply about the world we live in and what happens within it. However, I often find that my passion doesn't have a purpose. I'll watch news stories about unarmed black men being shot in their own home, or the famine in Yemen and my heart will physically ache. I … Continue reading Finding purpose in my passion

Why I am not my hair… but it is my protest

It's Sunday afternoon and for me, like most black women, it's wash day. My hair is rustling under a plastic cap, absorbing a "pre-poo" before the real work begins. The weekend activities of black women are vastly different to those of their white counterparts. Growing up in South London, surrounded by other black children, it … Continue reading Why I am not my hair… but it is my protest